Chocolate Cupcake Machine - Duet

CompositorAdrienne McKinney
EditoraAdrienne McKinney
Gênero Clássico / Instrumental
Instrumentação Piano
Composição para1 piano, 4 mãos
Tipo de composiçãoScore for two performers, Partes
chave Fá (F) maior
duração 1'0"
dificuldade Very easy
Ano de composição 2014
This little duet has the same melody and accompaniment as the solo version, with a few added bars as introduction. Because it is in duet form, this version is easier to play and even more fun for the students.

Both Primo and Secondo parts can be played by beginning piano students.

This piece is dedicated to my young son, who went through a long phase when he imagined and mimed running his own chocolate cupcake factory.

data de postagem 06 mai 2014

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455.3 Kb
(13 p.)


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